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A New Paradigm
For Mixing Technology

An alternative choice to dramatically improved mixing with up to 90% less power consumption.

Other mixing technologies are challenged to their limits, now there's something new in the mix the ultimate breakthrough in mixing technology the 'VLM Mixer'.

A Revolutionary Mixing System

Unlike other mixer systems the VLM Mixer produces isotropic (uniform) mixing due to the combined effect of oscilating velocity coupled with pressure waves. This motion is created by the controlled up and down movement of a thin donut shaped Hydro-Disk driven by a carefully engineered and ruggedly designed Cam-Scotch-Yoke electric motor operating system

Performance: VLM vs. Industry Standards

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Enersave Fluid MixersTM have received the highest industry recommendation for its mixing technology.

Installations have proven to:

Reduce your energy
usage by up to 90%

Improve your mixing

Easy to install

Significantly reduces
maintenance costs

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Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) Article (March 2009)

GLV licenses Enersave Mixer (January 2009)

Eimco (EWT) hosts the Enersave Mixer (January 2009)

WEFTEC Presentation (October 2008)

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