The Benefits of
VLM Technology



Inadequate mixing can lead to stratification, low active tank volume, sediment build-up and other inefficiencies, yet conventional mixing technologies, even when pushed to the limit of their capabilities, routinely fall short of true axial current mixing. VLM Mixers are designed to be different.

VLM Mixers

  • Are capable of mixing liquids of varying viscosity, including fats, oils and greases
  • Produce uniform momentum exchange that promotes powerful mixing without accumulating stringy or fibrous material around the disk
  • Suspend solids in continuous current flow, which prevents sediment build-up, eliminates the need for regular cleaning, and extends digester life
  • Can achieve over 90% active tank volume*

*Multiple LiCl tests performed by various consultants in several applications and conditions have demonstrated an active tank volume of 90% or greater.


21st Century
Mixing Technology

Our VLM technology has been designed to produce homogenous solutions consistently and with little maintenance, even in demanding or atypical mixing situations.

VLM Mixers

  • Achieve 100% axial currents without the use of baffles
  • Employ a robust, reliable design that has been proven through 20+ years of testing and usage
  • Provide a consistent and evenly balanced mix at varying liquid levels
  • Will efficiently operate without rebalancing the hydro-disk, even when unevenly loaded
  • Avoid cavitation, caverns, vorticity and other issues common among other mixing systems
  • Prevent damage to the mechanical or electrical system during dramatic or unexpected liquid level fluctuations

Low Energy

VLM technology generates significant energy savings compared to conventional mixing systems.

Greater energy efficiency is the result of:

  • Smoother operation with scotch yoke design
  • Lack of rotational torque on the drive shaft
  • Reduced overall friction

Maintenance and
Installation Cost Savings

Our simple installation process, available for both new and existing tanks, results in low initial costs. These savings are multiplied by the ease of operation and minimal maintenance required over the life of the VLM Mixer.

Maintenance features include:

  • Non-ragging design of Hydro-Disk results in infrequent and low-cost maintenance
  • Low speeds minimize equipment wear
  • Robust, single-bearing design with fewer wearing parts and minimal lubrication points
  • Safe and easy access to the hydro-disk and drive shaft in open-top vessels

The improved mixing quality, reduced energy usage and low-to-nil maintenance costs result in an immediate return on investment and cost savings that are compounded throughout the life of the equipment.

See the VLM Mixer in Action