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Mixing, Not Stirring

The VLM Mixer promotes homogenous mixing by creating micro and macro eddy currents, which are swiftly dispersed by an reciprocating donut shaped “hydro-disk”.

The force and distribution of these currents are determined by the size, frequency and stroke length of the disk. The energized “fluid” currents are distributed throughout the vessel on its own strengths resulting in a rapid and intense momentum exchange. The rate and degree of agitation can be controlled by a Variable Speed Controller (Inverter).

LVM Mixer: Mixing Velocity Pattern

No Balancing Required

The “hydro-disk” design does not require balancing and will efficiently operate even when unevenly loaded; no delays are incurred for rebalancing.

In open top vessals, the safe and easy access to the “hydro-disk” and drive shaft is a unique maintenance feature of the ESM design.

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