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Immiscible Liquids

Immiscible liquid-liquid system refers to when two or more insoluble liquids exist within a separate phase. These systems are found throughout the chemical, petroleum, mining and pharmaceutical industries. Mixing plays a major role in liquid-liquid systems by influencing drop dispersion, size, coalescence and suspension. The control of the mean drop size and the drop mean size of distribution is critical to these applications.

Blending of immiscible liquids is performed when mixing liquids into a desired homogeneity. The choice of mixing equipment depends on the liquid properties, tank size and the desired mixing time. For shear sensitive liquids, the maximum impeller speed is limited to avoid “shearing” of the liquids.

Uniform Mixing

Enersave VLM Mixers do not suffer from operational speed limits because it relies on different principles to provide mixing. Our VLM mixers produce “small scale” isotropic eddy currents, thus providing uniform mixing for shear-sensitive liquids. The animation below depicts the performance of an Enersave VLM mixer. The aqueous and organic fluid are uniformly mixed without forming an emulsion phase.

Oil & Water

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