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Pulp & Fiber

The mixing operation within the pulp & paper industry includes liquid-liquid and liquid-solid-gas systems. The blending of complex reactive fluids involves suspension of pulp and fiber. Uniform pulp mixing and suspension is accomplished in agitated vessels. The unique rheology of fiber suspension creates various mixing challenges even at low concentrations of fiber material. Pulp mixing becomes more of a challenge with the increase of fiber content.

Superior Performance

Enersave VLM Mixers have demonstrated superior performance in pulp fiber mixing and suspension compared to conventional rotary mixers. The coupling of oscillatory pressure waves and velocity currents created by the hydro-disk enhances mixing and suspension of the pulp fiber avoiding cavern formation.

Uniform Mixing and Suspension

Shown below is the animation depicting the performance of the Enersave VLM mixer providing uniform mixing and suspension from bottom to surface of pulp fiber.

Pulp & Fiber

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