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Operator Friendly For Easy Maintenance

The unique design of the VLM Mixer affords safe and easy access to the drive mechanism. In open type tanks the disk and shaft can be removed, changed, cleaned, and repositioned without interfering with the drive mechanism housing or the process in which it is installed.

Maintenance Friendly

Access to all wetted mixing parts makes the VLM Mixer a maintenance friendly system. Having access to the submerged parts allows operators to alter the length of the drive shaft and clean or inter-change the hydro-disk. This is all accomplished from floor level in a matter of minutes, with the quick disconnect clam-shell bushing system. The over-all design allows a quiet and smooth movement during the mixing operation.

3 Year Guarantee

The mechanical stability of the VLM Mixer allows Enersave to offer a three (3) year unconditional guarantee on all fabricated parts. A supply of all spare parts will be stocked and readily available to all customers where the Enersave Mixer has been installed.

Open Tank Installation

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