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Solids & Suspensions

Solid-liquid mixing is a common operation in the chemical and process industry involving solids suspension, solids catalyzed reaction, suspension polymerization, crystallization and precipitation. Mixing of both a solid and liquid phase is typically carried in a mechanically agitated system where consistency and homogeneity is a key requirement. Fundamental aspects of flow hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer is a critical parameter in the design of the mixing system.

Enhance Solids Suspension

The selection of an appropriate mixer requires the understanding of the process requirements such as the percentage of solid quantity, particle size and the desired degree of homogeneity. The Enersave VLM mixer provides unique features which will enhance solids suspension and mixing uniformity for solid-liquid systems.

The animation below depicts the performance of the Enersave VLM Mixer providing uniform mixing and suspension of solids of different size, density and shapes.

Solids Mixing & Suspension

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