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What is mixing?

According to Bernoulli, thorough mixing is essentially a process of stretching and folding a substance so that every part of one visits every part of the other and loses track of its original position. Such a process characterises the ideal state of a mixed substance.

Current Situation

Conventional mixers presently used within industry consume a large portion of power to “stir” the liquid. This stirring action, causes a circular motion to the fluid and explains why such a large amount of power is required to mix fluid.

For years industry has searched for a mixing technology that will facilitate efficient mixing at a reduced power consumption.

Enersave’s efforts have been directed at designing an improved mixer that would mix and meet the above criteria.

Rotary’s stir - VLM mixes

Using a conventional rotary mixer one would find Bernoulli’s definition a difficult property to achieve, while VLM technology is one of the only real-world systems that will mix as defined.
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